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What it's like to be challenged by the creator of the Internet's most viral video on self-love

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Think about the person you love most in the world. Perhaps you're blessed with having multiple people fit that role. At the thought of their name, does your heart warm as you think about their personality nuances that make them uniquely them? Do you smile at the thought of enjoying a free evening immersed in their company? Be it a family member, a true friend, a lover, or a partner, the thought of this person likely inspires pure joy. It's amazing how we can love others so freely and limitlessly, yet often forget to offer ourselves the same devotion.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Roa, the sensational spoken word artist who is no stranger to the concept of self-love. In fact, Adam's video, "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" is one of the Internet's most viral videos on self-love and self-compassion with close to 200 million views. In his video, he challenges viewers to "Treat yourself like someone you love."

Recently, Adam gave me a list of self-love tips to practice in my own life. The list was surprisingly attainable, which was a pleasant surprise. Yet, as I went about the task of incorporating these 11-tips into my daily life, I began to realize how rarely I practiced them with a conscious recognition that I was doing so out of self-love. All too often we get lost in our day-to-day lives and forget to go through even the simplest of motions with intention.

I challenge you the same challenge that Adam challenged me, follow these 11-tips on self-love, but do so consciously.

Your morning run, for example, isn't just another to-do item to cross off your daily checklist, but instead, a moment of solitary bliss with you, the running path, and the opportunity for an amazing day stretched out before you.

Test out these 11-tips for yourself, and register how you feel by recognizing all the little things you do for yourself throughout that day that you fail to give yourself credit for.


Courtney James

Chief Editor

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