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Utilizing Social Media To Leverage Revenue For Your Brand

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Meta description: The solution to leveraging your brand is easier than you think. Why not insert yourself into the digital universe by utilizing social media?

Using social media to sell is the newest and possibly best way to increase your business’ sales revenues. This is because the information we receive enables us to make meaning from what we perceive, allowing the narrative to determine the actions needed to fulfill our goals.

Thus, the stories we tell through books, screens, and advertising enable us to form identities, determine behaviors, and forge our dreams. Brands often overlook this way of storytelling. Perhaps it’s easier to tell consumers what they need at times instead of telling them a story of what awaits?

But your narrative has significant power when it comes to building your brand. As our world enters the digital realm, so too should your purpose. So why not share your brand by using social media platforms that are already bursting with life?

How is Social Media Changing The Way We Leverage Revenue?

Given that 3.96 billion people use social media daily, it’s no surprise that 73 percent of marketers believe social media is instrumental in their business strategy. Social media is and has become such an essential part of the fabric of everyday life. This amplification opportunity has been created for anyone looking to build up or grow their personal or collaborative brand.

And whether we like it or not, everything we do is on display. Gone are the days when you could hide behind a desk today; 2022 has opened up an entire world where in just one click, you can form a relationship with your target audience – without even saying a word.

Social media has become the norm in our culture. For example, the first place consumers go to find a review, opening hours, directions, and surfaces – all the information they need to feel confident in a purchase choice is directed to our phones. You could say that being absent from social media is a cause for mistrust.

So suppose you’re a business owner who hasn’t yet considered implementing social media as a significant component of your company’s growth strategy. In that case, it’s time to spread your brand identity by inserting yourself into the digital universe and allowing social media to reach audiences like never before.

If your business has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat account, you’ve already started engaging in social media selling. Now that you know what it is, you should leverage it to your advantage.

Why Should You Be Using Social Media To Grow Your Brand?

Before social media, the traditional marketing and advertising options were limited to television commercials, magazines, catalogs, emails or newspapers, etc. While understandably, it’s impossible to reach everyone through any marketing channel, social media has completely changed the narrative.

It provides an opportunity to get a unique audience that matches well with your service or product offered. Social media can increase exposure, share content faster and easier, build relationships, and boost brand awareness.

Besides your brand being able to outperform in multiple areas online, there are some broader perspectives on why you should be using social media as a comprehensive tool to meet your goals:

  • Social Media Is Where Your Clients Are

Why utilize social media to leverage revenue for your brand? Because it's where your customers are – on their phones looking at social media all the time. Today, the new TV is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It's important because that is where you need to be.

  • Social Proof Is Part Of The Buying Process

Today social proof is part of the buying process these days. When someone is analyzing who they are going to do business with, they’re typically going to look at your website and research your reputation online. But nowadays, this includes checking for social proof. Do you have any followers? Are they engaging with your content? If not, the assumption is that you don’t have any customers. You need to invest in social media marketing and build a following for your brand.

  • Social Media Is The New Referral System

People in business still want referrals when they think about who they will do business with. Yes, we may have word-of-mouth marketing, but the fastest and most efficient way to utilize an effective referral system is by entering the online space. Nowadays, it is no longer a one-to-one, face-to-face relationship but is found through social media.

  • It Creates Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is massive to your success. Not everyone may be ready to invest or buy into your brand. Still, when that time comes, the aim is to think of you first, so if your social media game is on point, staying in front of your customers by building solid brand awareness is renting space in their minds to click on you and not your competitor.

  • If You Don't, Your Competitors Will.

Speaking of the competition, you have to invest in your brand because if you don’t, then your competitors will, so you need to step it up and evolve your brand with the times. Marketing is always going to be required. Businesses need marketing to survive, but the vehicle you choose to steer your brand right now is through social media.

Social media may have started as fun chat and share platforms, but it has become big business. It is a cornerstone of any successful enterprise's digital marketing plan and branding strategy.

Whether your organization is on the scale of social media utilization, stepping onto the digital bus is worth the risk. As technology advances, so does the need and importance of social media in this facet of your business. Here are a few ways you can utilize social media as an accelerated growth tool for your company.

Three Powerful Ways To Utilize Revenue Through Social Media

Maximize Your Brand’s Audience By Networking Online

Networking on social media has become one of the most cost-efficient ways to expand your business online. Social media has opened lanes to connect with people worldwide with a button or tap on the screen, from Facebook groups, online webinars, or events expressly aimed at cross-promoting with like-minded and relevant companies in your industry.

You can appear on someone’s podcast through networking channels, get featured as a story on a company’s blog, or create a cross-promotional giveaway or contest through branded partnerships. By collaborating with other brands and influencers via social media, doors can open to expand your company. This approach helps companies be a part of the online conversation and engage and inform consumers.

Promote Content Through Diverse Social Media Channels Or Just One

Now when we speak of having an excellent online presence, it can start to feel a bit overwhelming when there are over 133 social media sites. Brands often assume they need to be present on every platform to have an effective social media strategy. But in reality, brands only need to be where their target audience is thriving.

Each platform has unique tools and features, but not all of them will suit your needs. First, figure out which platforms align well with your business. Then you can focus your time and resources on the channels that will drive the highest ROI for your program.

Instagram is one of the best in the business. According to Earth Web, roughly 1.393 billion active users utilize Instagram. Data Reportal showed us that there are 155.7 million active Instagram users in the U.S., And it's on the rise. Here are some pros and cons of Instagram:


  • Access to nearly every ad type

  • Intuitive audience targeting features

  • Highly creator-friendly environment

  • Advanced ad analytics

  • Clickable “sticker” links in stories (formerly “swipe-ups”)


  • Paid ads can be expensive for smaller businesses

Seek Help From Social Media Growth Experts Who Can Boost Revenue For Your Brand

You don't have to go at it alone. You are the expert in your field. But in marketing and social media, you may not feel the best. Hire people you can trust to do a great job utilizing and managing your social media accounts to make the best out of it. Here teams consisting of dedicated experts can help businesses like yours create a compelling social media brand. After all, the primary goal of a business owner or management team should be to plan and strategize ways to ensure your company's efficiency and expansion.

All in all, social media helps diversify a company’s potential. It can assist in building a rapport with your current and future audience, boost your sales and ultimately improve your overall brand visibility. Social media can amplify possibility, connection, and opportunity if implemented into a business' growth strategy.

By using credible and trustworthy agencies, you can increase awareness of your brand, build trust among consumers, showcase your authority in your field, and maintain healthy interaction with prospects and loyal clients. But most of all, they can put your brand on the map with improved search engine visibility.

At Mindful Media PR, the team prides itself on providing you with a safe and easy way to make social media a big part of your success. We provide the products and tools to manage a personalized program with minimal time required from you or your staff.

For more information about how you can successfully use social media to leverage your brand, email one of our leading publicists, David Genet, or contact us on our website here

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