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Mindful Media: Meet The Writers

Where others outsource, Mindful Media develops. Our writing team has been growing quickly in the last few months, and we figured you’d like to meet them! When you partner with us for articles, press releases, and everything else - these are the writers, creators, and mindful individuals who work in service to your story!

Manisha Singh

Manisha Singh writes to inspire, through stories that celebrate the success that is achieved when people overcome adversity. A poet, manifestor, and friend to plants everywhere, Manisha’s prose is rhythmic, flowing, and mirthful.

Manisha lives like she writes: invested and all in. Dancing, reading, painting, and quick to make friends, she thrives in the freedom we at Mindful Media enjoy: from one thing to the next, the creative flow does not cease!

A champion for the powerful stories of others, Manisha’s curiosity digs deep in client interviews, yielding one-of-a-kind articles that inspire readers to triumph over their own adversity. Fueled by the support of the entire team at Mindful, Manisha takes on new challenges by the hour. We’re lucky to have her as a Senior Content Writer.

Above all, it’s the amazing people we get to work with that drives her passion.

It’s hard to pin down Manisha’s muse, but she’s known to talk to plants on occasion. Whatever they’re telling her, the process makes for wonderful articles.

Glenda Hovenkamp

Mindful Media has a soul, and her name is Glenda Hovenkamp. When it comes to writing, Glenda never takes her mind off the reader: educating, informing, and sharing our clients’ stories and expertise through her engaging voice and style.

Glenda’s light shines brightly. If your purpose and vision is to serve others and make the world a better place, Glenda wants to serve you with her writing! No topic is too complex to be explained and explored by her curious prose, and every detail is used to drive the why.

Our weekly meetings are interwoven with Glenda’s uplifting, encouraging, and growth-oriented mindset - but the greatest benefactors are her family. Led by love, her passion for mindful and spiritual practices that support total health never wanes. Glenda is deeply inspired by people who have experienced transformation and sows the seeds for such miracles everywhere she goes.

Michelle Laver

Michelle Laver writes with power. In matters of art, culture, travel, lifestyle, or anything in between, Michelle is the woman to turn to - ever looking for stories that witness the work of up and coming cultural influences and leaders.

A storyteller of humanity, Michelle holds a deep understanding of the world she writes about. She embarked on a world tour as a photographer for Carnival UK, following her graduation from Rhodes University’s School of Journalism in Grahamstown, South Africa. 30 countries and counting, her’s was an exploration that could only have been stalled by the pandemic that closed the world.

Michelle now lives in the UK, with a worldwide presence and body of creative work facilitated by the online opportunities afforded to those of her multimedia acumen. Photojournalism, feature writing, visual art: Michelle brings a vivid perspective to Mindful Media - and finds our uplifting culture a breath of fresh air.

Samantha Renfro

A goal-oriented creative storyteller, Samantha Renfro writes to bring personal stories into the bigger picture. A inclusive and team-oriented thinker, her drive to explore new places and opportunities has brought her welcoming demeanor and information-rich prose to the Mindful Media team.

Samantha is an art history aficionado - when she’s not putting words on pages, she’s putting paint on canvas - unless it's a beautiful summer day. In that case, she’s likely on the soccer pitch, tennis court, or discovering new locales on a bike.

A love of novels - mystery thrillers, supernatural, and fantasy in particular - led Samantha into a deep study of creative fiction during her academic career at the University of British Columbia. Nothing fictional about what goes on at Mindful Media, but her sense of plot and flowing style is well suited for editorial writing: a new experience when she first began with the team.

A witness to the testimonies of our clients, Samantha Renfro places empathetic detail in the context of a greater world.

Put Us To Work!

You have a story that can inspire the readers of the world’s most premier publications - we would love the honor of writing it!

To explore what happens when you harness the power of public relations and to see the impact an in-house writing team can make on the process, we invite you to book a call with our Senior Publicists, Kerryn Amyes or Derek Skol.

Till next time - we have some articles to write!

Chris Hughes, Writer

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