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Mindful Media is LIVE!

We've secretly been building, but the word is out. We're officially LIVE and ready for business! Meet the team!

Our founder Michael Graziano is the youngest Canadian to visit all 193 UN nations in the world, graduating with his Global Degree.

He's realized how important media coverage was to obtain his own personal goal, and wants to help other people and brands achieve the same success through exposure.

Our Managing Director Lexi Hsu has a background in online marketing after working for some of the top digital influencers on the web. She's applying all of her knowledge from previous projects to propel important and mindful projects forward.

Meet the extremely talented Courtney James, our Editor-in-Chief. Her writing skills are at the top of the game, and she's just getting started! And then we have the lovely Danielle Muntain. A highly successful and talented photographer and influencer, her instagram page is FIRE! She will help put our clients into the spotlight with professional content, and help get support from key influencers to share newly published articles.

We're a small but focused team. And together we can offer a unique prospective and execution that has never been seen before in the PR space. Buckle up, we're taking off!

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