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How Versus Systems Is Rewarding Kick A** Video Gamers With Real-World Prizes

In grade 7, my group of friends and I were strongly invested in Wii's Tetris. We played it in the basement of Sarah Sharkey's house, where her mom would re-fuel us with bagel bites and hot chocolate between sessions. This little Tetris league got so competitive, that we eventually had to host tryouts to see who would make the main roster, and who would watch from the sidelines. We posted a tryout schedule on the bulletin board at our Jr. high, and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly...) only those who were already members of the team showed up.

When the final team roster was posted on the school bulletin board following tryouts, I was faced with the humiliation of learning that I was, in fact, the team's worst Tetris player, and had been the only one exiled to sideline snack duty - a hard pill to swallow after a year of competitive play.

Herein lies the beginning of my aversion to video games.

However, my recent introduction to Versus Systems has reignited my long lost interest in video games due to the unique experience they offer gamers.

Check out the story behind Versus Systems published on Business Insider to learn how they're putting the player first through optimizing the gaming experience with less distracting advertisements and more real-world rewards.



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