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How Our Clients Are Becoming Our Biggest Inspirations, Ft. Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall

When I began my journey with Mindful Media PR, I knew it was an opportunity to expand my knowledge given the plethora of clients I had the opportunity to work with. Within weeks, I was learning more about psilocybin micro-dosing for remedial purposes and the perks obtained through IGA (In-Game-Advertising, aka playing video games to win pizza and other goodies) than I had ever thought possible! It was an incredible experience to apply spontaneous information into the creation of content used to inform others about the amazing work our clients were doing.

Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall

I soon realized that the creation of content for client exclusives provided a lens into the passions that drove them to pursue their work day-after-day, and it became a far more intimate experience than I had previously anticipated.

Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall is an example of a client exclusive that garnered an incredibly intimate experience. Kelly's story was remarkably inspiring, yet it was a rollercoaster ride to create!

When I first met the infamous "Nerdzilla" through a zoom chat, I was alit by her enthusiasm and energy, which she still managed to portray despite being bed-bound as a result of a recent injury. She then brought me through the sequence of life events that brought her to where she is today, and where she'd like to continue to go in the next five and ten years.

It was incredible to hear first hand what she'd overcome, and where she wanted to go, an experience that was further amplified after I personally dug deeper into her story following our initial interview. Creating an article to accurately share her story was an exhaustive task given the nature of Medical Gaslighting for women that I so deeply wanted to properly emphasize! It required an emotional investment I hadn't anticipated when preparing to write her exclusive.

For this reason, helping Kelly share her experience was remarkably rewarding, and within a day the article we published for her in Yahoo Finance had already attracted a new client for her coaching program! Not only did she experience an immediate ROI, but she got to see that people were listening to her story and were inspired by what she'd overcome.



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