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Coming Soon: A Mindful Media Field Trip To Powell River, Inspired By This Article

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In my youth, I was both the lucky and unlucky member of a family who had a preference for RV-ing - lucky when waking up to a pristine lake front view, and unlucky when said home on wheels unfortunately lost a wheel, subjecting our family of four to the mercy of roadside assistance and Trail BC's finest mechanic.

Suffice to say, our summer excursions created many memories, and I recently uncovered one of those memories whilst researching for our article on, "8 Reasons You Should Consider Powell River For Your Next Investment."

My research led me to discover that I had, in fact, visited this destination on one of the many RV trips I had ventured on in my youth. The nostalgia was first sparked when recalling the breathtaking ferry experience that bringing voyagers from Horseshoe Bay, down the sunshine coast, and into the cove of Powell River.

Uncovering the memories I had created amongst my explorations as a kid complemented the many reasons why Powell River is becoming an area of interest for those looking to invest, demonstrating that this coastal community has something for everyone.

It also inspired our little office to plan a soon-to-occur road trip to Powell River, stay tuned folks.

To learn more about the little slice of heaven accessible within an afternoons commute from Vancouver, take a look at our article in Yahoo News, hopefully reading about it charms you half as much as I felt writing about it.



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