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5 Must-Read Books That Will Change Your Life For The Better

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Meta description: Chase your curiosity by reading some of the most influential books. Here are five must-read books guaranteed to inspire, uplift, and push you to greatness.

In today's fast-paced world, reading is becoming a dying habit with fast alternatives to consuming knowledge online. But what if I tell you there is more to a task than simply turning a page? What If I tell you that by reading some of these power-written books, you won’t be able to stop scanning shelves for life-changing books again?

Reading is essential for the human mind, and it’s incredible how one book can change your perspective on life. The goal is not to live like someone else but to help you find a lifestyle and work that only you can fulfill in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Why Is It Important To Read A Book In Today’s Digital Age?

  1. Reading is food for the brain.

Just like our body needs food to sustain and function properly, so does our brain. It needs to continue operating to continue learning new things at peak performance. Studies have shown that reading has the power to change your brain structure, leaving you being more empathetic while also improving your cognitive processes. Most of all, it helps you stay relaxed and find your inner peace, eliminates negative thoughts or stress, and can ultimately change your life.

  1. You become better at empowering others.

Books can help boost your vocabulary and widen your knowledge, allowing you to feel empowered and aid in spreading the message of the underlying meaning of life. With the knowledge you gained from reading, you can add a unique perspective, share your thoughts, or use the words learned to help you internally. It also opens your mind to new end goals and intentions. As you read, you will be absorbing different stories and ideas from others who can help you resonate with authors who empower you through their words.

  1. You can get mentored by someone for an excellent price.

Think about how much a successful person’s knowledge is worth? People are willing to pay millions of dollars to have lunch with the best of the best, but with books, you can get mentored by a master in a chosen field for a price like no other. This book is the exact words, ideas, mindsets, advice, and even the experience put into a collection of papers. They enter your mind as if they were next to you, whispering the same thing.

When choosing a must-read book guaranteed to change your life, how do we know what to read? If you want to feel empowered and need advice on growing or unlocking your unlimited power, look no further.

Seeking knowledge and understanding things you never understood is the most exciting thing in the world. So let’s dive into the top five books; we recommend your try:

Here Are The Top 5 Must-Read Books That Will Change Your Life In 2022


  1. Eckhart Tolle's Book: “The Power Of Now” Is A Must-Read

German-born spiritual teacher and self-help author Eckhart Tolle wrote The Power of Now in 1997 and is still the talk of the town. The book may give its reader an initial reaction to resist what it teaches, but by setting your opinions and judgments aside, consider the possibilities of how time can alter your life.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly seeking more. More of everything. And it’s easy to get distracted planning for the future and not be content staying in the present. A word-of-mouth phenomenon since its first publication, The Power of Now is one of those rare books with the power to create an experience in readers that can radically change their lives for the better.

Inside, Tolle focuses on three primary concepts: 1 – You are not your mind, 2 - The present moment is all we ever have, and 3 – Acceptance of what is. The Power of Now shows you that every minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost because really, all you have to live in is the present, the now. It gives you actionable strategies to start living every minute as it occurs.

It helps us focus on who we are at this moment and how to fight our ego and be happy in the present. This fantastic book helps open your eyes, brings a new perspective, and see that you do, indeed, have everything you already need.

2. Matt Kahn's Book: “All For Love” Is Life-Changing

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, highly attuned empathic healer, YouTube sensation, and the author of the bestselling book ALL FOR LOVE: The Transformative Power of Holding Space.

In what may be his boldest and bravest book yet, Matt Kahn invites us to see our differences as golden opportunities to explore the depth of our interconnectedness. Offering wise insights and tangible tools, Kahn teaches us how to remain aligned with our highest truths and values while we hold space for the experiences of others.

Throughout the book, Matt Kahn shares ten essential principles – mercy, worthiness, bravery, and more – that help us access the highest and most loving qualities within ourselves and those around us.

Each chapter contains personal stories and real-world applications, guiding us to reach into our hearts and give one another the respect, validation, and encouragement needed to make it through the evolutionary shifts before us – shifts into greater unity and greater love.

Pre-order his book published by Sounds True, set to release in June 2022.

3. Natasha Graziano’s Book “Be It Until You Become It” Is A Must-Read For All

It’s time to harness your unlimited power with Be It Until You Become It. A new upcoming revolutionary book by Natasha Graziano, an influential visionary in ancient wisdom, who bridges her knowledge with neuroscience, is here to provide you with the secrets to success and a guide on how to live your best life.

The author, motivational speaker, and female thought leader ensured that each section inside the book is thoughtfully broken up into productive and thought-provoking chapters, containing exercises dedicated to activating your true potential and illuminating your path.

The interactive book helps anyone wishing to unlock their inner beast, get unstuck from limited belief systems, and become the most excellent version of who they are. Through certain studies discussed in the book, you will discover that the law of attraction is more compelling than you think.

Become the version of your true authentic self desperately seeking to burst forth from your mind, soul, and heart. The book guides you through an exercise of self-exploration that stands high above any law of attraction book on the shelf as it brings together elements of ancient wisdom backed by actual neuroscience.

These insights and exercises will fuel readers to grow, evolve, and expand into their highest version of self. Suppose you want to change your life. Find out more when the book releases on August 2, 2022.

4. Ashley Black, Korie Minkus And Lisa Vrancken’s Book: “BE…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity”

The book entitled BE…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity was spearheaded by three influential businesswomen in their own right. Written by award-winning TV producer and media consultant Lisa Vrancken, award-winning ABA entrepreneur and product inventor of the FasciaBlaster® Ashley Black; and Korie Minkus, CEO of Rock Your Product®, BE…is set to soar straight to the top of the bestseller list.

Hardships, struggles, heartbreaks, fears, insecurities, challenges, and defeats. The authors believe that when we tune in to each other’s voices, we amplify them. By coming together and recognizing one another in sisterhood, we transform our experiences into our channel of personal power, profound meaning, and prosperous spirit. These three business masters and kindred spirits came together to form a collaborative book written by women for women.

The authors believe awareness begins inside each one of us, known as the Divine Feminine—your innate wisdom and highest intuition—is awakened by the understanding to move through life with trust, love, and faith in your inner self. Thus, the willingness to learn and tap into our Divine Feminine energies can shed limiting beliefs, shift mindsets, and unleash a new level of power.

BE…is a light, fun, interactive book that helps female entrepreneurs get unstuck from limited belief systems. The movements and exercises in this book will fuel their readers to grow, evolve, and expand into their highest version of self. The authors reveal industry secrets and provide foundational support for creating a prosperous physical product business.

Find out what Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken plan for entrepreneurial women after the exciting release coming June 28, 2022.

5. Tom McCarthy’s Book “The Breakthrough Code”

Tom McCarthy, a world-renowned expert and thought leader in leadership, communication, and peak performance, wrote ​The Breakthrough Code as a parable that is easy to read and relate to. It is a story about a life without limits. Suppose you’re someone with big dreams or building a vision, especially if you’ve already created something. ​

You already know how challenging yet necessary it is to know where to focus, how to overcome your limits, and when to reinvent yourself to stay relevant. Learn how to get rid of old memories, thoughts, and beliefs holding you back and create a brand new and much more powerful story of who you are and what you are capable of.

To help others shift their story and experience breakthroughs in their lives, McCarthy has included three tried and tested principles that he has researched and shared with top executives, Olympic athletes, and successful entrepreneurs in his book. These ideas are the blueprint to experiencing breakthroughs and creating a life of achievement.

The Breakthrough Code is a story about the possibilities you can create when you connect the significant results you want in your life to your life's purpose. It is about understanding how to create laser focus, upgrading your mental powers, and getting what you want easier and faster by becoming a codebreaker.

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