This is Mike. 👋

He's trying to visit every country in the world and graduate with a "Global Degree" 🌎 ✈️

Then he got featured on Yahoo! News 🤩 

Which led to an interview with Huffington Post 👊 

Which led to interviews with Toronto Star, Global News, CBC, and many others. 🙏 

All this press helped grow Michael's social media channels which led to sponsorships from top brands like: 

All the support allowed Michael to accomplish his dream and visit every country!  🌎 🎓 ✅ 

Which led to an exclusive with Forbes and TEDx talk at Oxford, England 🎤🇬🇧  

Be like Mike. Leverage press to get more press and brand deals. Become a credible authority in your industry and dream big. The world is yours! 🔥 🚀 

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